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Bred Cows for Sale

Hay For Sale
* 1000 bales of oat hay Bales weigh 1350 Net wrap
located 12 east of Martin. 
* Alfalfa Hay been rained on bales weigh 1150 twine wrap. Located by Tuthill SD. 
*500 Bales of Oat hay Bales weigh 1375 Net Wrap            located 5 miles west of Martin 
* 250 bales grass and alfalfa net wrap 
    located 10 miles southwest of Martin.
* 320 bales Pea and Oats net wrap 
       located 14 miles east of Martin
* 150 bales of First Time Alfalfa has some weeds in it
     located 14 mile east of Martin
* 300 bales of rained on Millet Hay Net Wrap
      located 14 miles east of Martin 
* 1000 bales of good Millet Hay Net Wrap
     located 14 miles east of Martin
Contact Joe Waln 605-515-0257 or Trent Byrne 605-454-0658  for more info on hay!

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