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Upcoming Sales


December 4th Special Weigh Up 
December 11th Special Spring Calf Sale/Weigh Up Sale

               Kalen/Klay Harris 190 hd blk strs 700-800#

                Silver Ridge            150 hd red strs/hfrs 600-700#

                Palmer Ranch        125 hd blk strs/hfrs 500-600#

                Paul Williams           35 hd red strs/hfrs 600-700#

                Marr Cummings     30 hd blk strs/hfrs 500-600#

                Lynn Ward                25 hd blk strs/hfrs  500-600#

              SD Consignor          25 hd blk strs/hfrs   550-650#

               Willie Ferguson       10 hd blk strs/ hfrs  500-600#

              Waln                            5 hd red/blk strs hfrs 700-900#

                  Bred Cows

                  Bob Scherer           40 hd of Blk few red  BM cows                                            bred March 15 to jorgenson bulls

December 18th Special Weigh Up Sale/Hay Sale
Featuring 1000 bales!

Last Sale of 2023!


                        January 1 No Sale

                         January 8 Weigh Up/ Bred Cow Sale 

                         January 15 Weigh Up/ Special Feeder Calf Sale

                         January 22 Weigh Up Sale

                         January 29 No Sale Stock Show Week

         Thank You to one and all who supported, worked,              and bought here at Martin Livestock! We sincerely appreciate your business and Hard Work! 

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